4 Ways to Use White In Your Wedding Style

If you’re following me on Instagram , you may have noticed my undying love for the colour white. While my dream wedding outfit still remains that traditional red lehenga, I can’t help but appreciate what white does for the Indian skin tone, the simplicity it brings to the entire look and how its such a classic colour. Remember how I gushed about white mehendi? 

Of course, several Christian brides and Malayalee brides have been wearing the colour forever, but I get the feeling now that the colour has transcended cultural boundaries to be widely accepted as an appropriate colour for festive occasions. Plus, it could be a great choice for wedding guests where the bride won’t be in white.

There are so many different ways of incorporating white in your ensemble, that it can definitely get overwhelming. So this post is all about choosing what works for you, and how you can make the trend work within your comfort zone.

This one is a no-brainer, really. But it is an important no-brainer for those of you out there who are afraid of white, but love colour. Take a sheer outfit and go all out with colour, like the Ashish dress in (1).  And while white on white is a timeless combination, opting for colour gives you the chance to play around with prints and motifs, like the Shyamal and Bhumika outfit in (2). Or for those of you who want to be really on trend, you can opt for a short sleeveless vest as shown in (3) or pick something longer to make you look taller, like the outfit in (4).
Who said anything about white being appropriate just for your outfit? Pearls and diamonds are a classic combination, and I can’t even explain how the right jewels can elevate your outfit. But like you need that explanation. The best part about this combination is that you can either keep it contemporary and modern, like (1) or go real traditional like (2). And you obviously know that for the next Cocktail you attend, there is nothing you need more than those Chandelier earrings. Just like the ones in (3).

The other day I heard someone say that they don’t want to wear white to a wedding because it looks too dull.  I was just like, did you even hear yourself?! And if you happen to agree, then this tip is for you. White can be all kinds of glamorous, and the trick just lies in the bling. Of course, taking inspiration from our Keralite friends is like stating the obvious, but I love how Rohit Bal has done an embellished blouse in gold, as you can see in (3).  I also really like how Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla have added the bling through mirror work, in (1).

I hear all of you going right now “Not florals – again!!!”. However, I’m not even talking about outfits anymore. What I’m talking about is far more sophisticated – white flowers in your hair. Again, I know this isn’t really reinventing the wheel, but if we move on from the Mallipoo Jadai, as depicted in (1), there are endless options. You can opt for a big white flower to complement that chic low bun, or decide to use floral diamante pins. A big bun covered in flowers, like (4), may forever be etched in our minds as that hairstyle which suits only moms, but if you for a second just rid yourself of that image, this is just one classy look waiting to happen.

And with that, I hope you now have the courage to fight the fashion conditioning (and occasional superstitious taunts) which tell you that white isn’t appropriate for festivity. If you are going to pick white pieces for your wedding trousseau, let me know what it will be in the comments below. I love hearing from you, it really does make my day!

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Love you too ♥

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