What is The Trousseau?

Weddings should be all about you, your family, your friends. 

Brides-to-be, we get you, we feel you. Everyone around you is telling you to not stress but they don’t know. You’re worried about how you’ll look in your pictures – is your smile too wide or too gummy? Is you mother-in-law going to approve of that not-very-revealing blouse or will she point out how “daring” it is anyway? And that sneaky frenemy – is she deliberately going to wear the same exact shade of coral as you? Also, your make up artist just needs to relax – why doesn’t she get that smokey eyes are just NOT your thing?!

If you’re the groom you worry if the bride will overshadow you. You worry if you’ll just blend into the background with the marigolds and kaleeras and oh god, are those real birds? It’s your day too! 

Parents of the couple, you’re so important. After all, you’re paying for the whole shindig. It just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t look your best. And it’s totally alright if you go out of your way to look like the elegant, sophisticated and fabulous people you are.           

Family and friends, without you there would be nobody to take crazy pictures and share happy tears with. But the wedding season(s) take their toll on you. Recycling and updating outfits is so challenging. And how do you balance the whole classic vs trendy argument? You really want that one gorgeous black cape but know deep down in your heart that the style will be out even before your mehendi fades.

Ok, just breathe. Decisions are tough, and you really could use some help right now.

Enter, The Trousseau. We are dedicated to bringing the best of wedding fashion to you. Trends hot off the runway, bollywood-inspired looks, upcoming designers, make up tips, places to shop, the list goes on…just like your never ending pre-wedding checklist.

But now that we’re here, you can scratch that big one off. Yes that one in bold, underlined, and circled fifteen times. The one called “What To Wear?”