Bags For Brides? Maybe Not.

 This piece is very different from the ones I usually write, but I hope you’ll see the point I’m trying to make. Whether you agree or disagree, do let me know what you think, because I always love hearing what you have to say. 

I recently saw this wedding video where the bride was wearing this beautiful red lehenga, which had really intricate work. As she walked in under the canopy of flowers, she was trying really hard to hold on to her lehenga and look coy at the same time. And you know what wasn’t helping? No, I’m not talking about her friends and sisters – they were all ready to lend a hand, quite literally. 

Well, I’m talking about this big embroidered potli bag that was hanging on her wrist, right there with the big kaleeras.

Ok, this scene may have been constructed completely in my head, and it may just be completely hypothetical. But did you get the picture?

Because irrespective of whether I actually witnessed this scene, its exactly what goes on in my head every time I find out that the bride coordinated a bag with her outfit. And this isn’t just for the wedding day, it goes for all the functions.

And there’s a specific reason for this. Because you don’t need it.

Yes, you really don’t need to carry a bag to your big day, because all that is important is around you, next to you. So let’s just go over this for a bit, and imagine how it would play out.Bags for Brides? Maybe not.

1. “I need to have my valuables with me at all times.  A lipstick, your phone, keys(?), sunglasses(!), battery pack for my phone(…) –  so where will all this go if I ditch the bag?”

The solution:  Come on, that’s what you have best friends for! Nominate one of them to be in charge of your lipstick, along with an emergency kit of sorts (more on this later). Your make up artist should have already made sure your lipstick won’t need a touch up through the pheras and after, but still, it’s good to have a plan-B. And just this one time in your life, consider your phone a separate entity from yourself, and leave it at home. Pretty sure I don’t need to elaborate on that, so moving on…

2. “But I really NEED my sunglasses – it’s one of those quirky mehendi things, and my best friend already has a lot going on to actually take care of my sunglasses too…”

The solution: Find a new BFF, asap. Joking. I joke. K.
If you really really do need to have a couple things on you, I’m assuming you’d have a room at the venue to get ready or keep “things” in. Find the locker/safe spot in that room, and keep your valuables here. Have a trusted niece/nephew/person do the running around, back and forth when you need your stuff. You could also talk to your wedding planner to have someone assigned to you for the duration of the function, if that’s a luxury you can afford. You lucky girl, you.

3.”Noooo. I just need to have my stuff with me at all times. You wouldn’t get it. You aren’t even married.”

The solution: Fine. Be that way. Carry the bag. But just humour me a few more minutes.

It’s the sangeet and you keep your cute little clutch, right next to you, on your special sofa. Except, next minute, you’re up on the stage for your groom’s surprise performance, and suddenly the DJ is on, and then you’re being lifted in the air by your friends…and where is that cute little clutch now? Your guess is as good as mine.

What about that sit down reception dinner? Surely you can bring your miniaudiere to that one, right? Yeah, why not. Just remember to have it by your side while cutting that multi-tier cake, and also when you’re hugging your dad after that speech he made. Because when all eyes are on you, someone’s not-so-nice eyes are on your bag, and they may just decide to borrow it indefinitely.

I could go on, but I think now we may actually be on the same page, so I won’t.

Having said that, do go ahead and carry your bag if you’re absolutely certain that’s an additional responsibility you want to take on during this crazy time. And we can also meet midway, and you can bring a sling bag to the party. But just remember that two is company, three is a crowd and I’m not sure your groom would be delighted by the distance that bag puts between the two of you…

I apologize if this post got out of hand, but this is tough love and as long as you love me back it’s all good. So here’s hoping you still do.

Love you too. ♥

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