Jewellery Advice from Kashibai and Mastani

It’s been almost ten days since I’ve watched Bajirao Mastani and to say I’m obsessed is putting it mildly. It’s been far too long since I’ve been completely mesmerised and overawed by cinema (which is quite a shame actually), but this movie left me speechless. I was taken aback in the kind of way where I didn’t check my phone for the entire three hours I was at the hall. The attention to detail was just SPOT ON, and I really just want to say thank you to Sanjay Leela Bhansali for letting us into his mad genius world and giving us just a small glimpse of the wild dreams his imagination spins. I am also so grateful that he chose Anju Modi to translate this vision, because I’m not sure anyone else could have done Bajirao, Kashibai and Mastani the justice that she did.

So you know, when a movie is all that’s on my mind, I do tend to go slightly crazy. Remember the time I thought Sonam and I were besties?  Yeah, not ashamed to admit that I’ve imagined spending a lot of time with Kashibai, she of the Maharashtrian royal household, and of course the ever graceful Mastani, she of a Persian-Rajput lineage. And like that wasn’t enough, I wondered, if I asked them what jewellery pieces are a must-have in my bridal trousseau, what would they say? 

Now of course, if you aren’t crazy like me, you could just head down to Shri Hari Diagems in Khan Market, and pick up the exact same pieces that Mastani wore, and raid a Maharashtrian friend’s grandmother’s treasure chest for Kashibai’s look. But if you’re like me, and want something a little different, but don’t know what exactly, read on for the advice that these women handed out.

Kashibai’s style was simple, yet very in line with that of royalty. There was grandeur in the pieces she wore and in the way she carried herself, but at the same time she was unassuming, and that’s probably why she was so charming.

Kashibai’s advice is simple and straightforward:

1. The key lies in layering, and more layering. You can start with a Thushi, which is a small choker. You could layer a Surya Haar around that, which is a necklace designed to resemble the sun’s rays. Or you  could opt for a Belpan necklace which has the pan-leaf shaped design, and is considered auspicious. Then break the monotony by opting for a pearl Tanmani. Don’t forget the black-beaded Mangalsutra, and the pearl Nath , of course!

2. All that glitters is gold.  You will be really tempted to experiment, but don’t. Traditional Maharashtrian jewellery is not about big, uncut diamonds or the shining diamond kind. Gold is really at the centre of it. So keep it authentic and don’t mix and match big diamond necklaces with your Saaj.

3. Jewels in your hair are beautiful. Do adorn your hair with an Ambavada pin, and add flowers for that Kashibai touch.  If you noticed, she prefers roses.

Thanks for such fab advice Kashibae! Now take a look a the stuff I put together after listening to her.

Mastani, on the other hand, is the epitome of grace and sensuality. Every movement is lyrical. So when you have such captivating presence, you don’t need your jewels to do the talking.

Advice from Mastani is a lesson in minimalism.

1. Don’t crowd your forehead with jewellery! Mastani and I, both, feel really strongly about this one. Your face is not a christmas tree ladies! She highly recommends picking a complementary passa/jhoomar and maangtikka. If one is large, make sure the other is small in order to maintain balance.

2. Smaller is better. She’s talking about your nath, ladies. Skip those naths the size of your palm, and opt for one of the coin sized ones that Mastani was so fond of. Look at it this way – would you rather have your smile be the highlight of your face or that 10″ nath? Give that one some good thought.

3. Polki pairs well with muted colours. Only when she was celebrating did she pick up a pink or a red. The rest of the time she was decked out in pastels and mints. And she is quick to point out how that beautifully paired with the strands of polki, pearls and jadau. That is a look I hope to pull off flawlessly one day.

So here is what I put together once I noted her words of wisdom.

And that brings us to the end of my crazy little journey. Thank you for not doubting my sanity (too much), and reading right till the end. Whose style do you identify most with – Kashibai or Mastani? Did I make any mistakes with identifying Maharashtrian traditional jewellery? I’d love to make it right, so please do let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to do a little shimmy to the best song in the movie.


PS: All images are via Pinterest, and you could head straight there to check my board.

Love you too ♥

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  1. Great post prerna.. Loved the movie too.. A lil slow in d second half but loved d sets and the clothes and the drama ❤️

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