Trou-Bride Aashana: The Wedding Royale, Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of the “Wedding Royale” series. In Part 1 you saw the elegance and simplicity of Trou-Bride Aashana.

Now are you ready for the glamour, glitz and larger than life celebrations in Udaipur?

The Kick-Off Dinner
Aashana kicked back and relaxed with her family in this gold and yellow Anarkali, with simple studs, and a stunning necklace. I like how she went with long sleeves, it added a nice touch to the whole look. A low bun brought it all together.

Baraat Swagat
The groom and his family were given a grand welcome when they arrived in Udaipur the next day. For this function, she donned a bright blue anarkali, and polki diamonds. Now this was back in Feb 2015, and notice how she cleverly incorporated the cape trend into her outfit? Yeah, we see what you did there, and we approve 
Also approve of the groom’s classic double breasted blazer.

Bollywood Bling Night 
Oh man, this is my favourite look of all. A fantabulous night, it was truly Bollywood with performances by Punjabi rapper Badshah and the likes. And Aashana brought some serious wakhra swag (unique style, hello! get with it already) with her diamond jewellery and that gorgeous mint gown. I dream of that jhoomar/ paasa everyday. For real.
As always, the groom wasn’t left behind, looking real dapper in a blue tux.

The Wedding
I don’t understand how brides manage to look so amazing and radiant at the wedding after partying and stressing out over the last 9348 hours. Aashana of course was just that kind of bride. I really really like how she kept this look the simplest of them all. The focus was on the wedding, the moment, the occasion, and nothing else seemed to matter. Opting for gold and diamond jewellery to complement her red and peach lehenga, she went with simple make up and white flowers in her hair to complete the look. It was also nice to see the bride and groom look equally grand with her husband upping his game in the beige sherwani.

Fun fact:  Aashana’s parents got married at the very same location, very same day 30 years back! Call it destiny, because according to her horoscope, this was the most auspicious day for Aashana to get hitched! 

Zenana Mahal Night
The night to bid Udaipur adieu arrived, but of course this fun family was going to make the most of the moment. The Zenana Mahal night saw our gorgeous bride don an emerald green Anarkali with large zardozi motifs, which gave the illusion of a lehenga.

And with that, the Wedding Royale came to an end…but Marriage Royale had just begun. We wish this gorgeous couple all the best for this life and the ones to follow. And just for our readers, here is the exclusive wedding video:

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