Bridal Trends : India Couture Week 2016

What do you call it when the greatest minds (and hands) in the country come together to present the most luxurious, most refined and most beautifully crafted pieces? Of course you call it fabulous and amazing, but I think the word you’re looking for is India Couture Week.

Since I have a very versatile style aesthetic, most designers and most shows do have the tendency to blow me away. But this season of the ICW took upped it all by a notch. Opened by Manish Malhotra and closed by Rohit Bal, the 5 – day party in the Capital did not slow down for a second. With the best jewellery brands of the country joining hands with the best designers, this was truly any wedding aficionado’s dream. Amongst the participating jewellers, were names like Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang, and Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers. But the week belonged to Amrapali who collaborated with Anamika Khanna to create an exclusive line of jewellery for her collection.

With so much to take in over these few days,  I decided to not do a designer by designer break down for you guys. With each one having a completely different aesthetic, its easy to get overwhelmed, so instead, here is a quick round up of all the trends that will gain ground just in time for the winter weddings.

5THE biggest trend to hit the runway this season, were these modern interpretations of the Kamarbandh / Odiyanams. Broad or narrow, plain or embellished, printed or contrasted – they were there in all shapes and sizes, and at EVERY single designer’s show. The way I see them being worn is less as a belt and more as right under the blouse, to add that high-waist style definition that is difficult to achieve with most Indian silhouettes. It is elongating for sure, but not a trend that would work for every single body type which makes me a little skeptical, but you know what ladies – you do you! At the end of the day how you feel matters much much more than how others think you look.

2Before I say anything else, let me say this – I called it! Once considered the most taboo hue at many Indian weddings, white is slowly making its way into our hearts and weddings, with no signs of leaving (ever). Which is fine by me, because just loooooook at how beautiful and elegant these white pieces are! While every used the colour heavily in their collections, Anamika Khanna truly celebrated white (by throwing the chicest on-ramp party everrrrr). It’s safe to assume that there will be many mummies and mummies-in-law unhappy with white being a mainstream bridal hue, but I can also safely say that there will be many a bridechilla who will go the white way this coming season. And if you’re a wedding guest, then you have absolutely no excuse for the lack of white in your wedding wardrobe.

3With the modern bride moving towards reusable separates in her trousseau, there is an urgent need for designers to give us something that has versatility. Enter, the jacket. Pair it with a lehenga, saree, gown, anarkali or pants, and still end up with a completely different look every time. The jacket trend also points in the direction of layering, a concept that is hard to adapt in Indian clothing without adding layers of volume. I for one, was mighty pleased to note that this season’s weddings will be seeing (slightly) less strappy blouses and more clothes that will actually keep us warm.

4With dhoti pants taking over every nook and corner of the country, it was time for our designers to give us all something new. So they did. Welcome back, the cigarette pants (with the evergreen Churidar in Tarun Tahiliani’s collection coming in closely).  I literally jumped when I saw the pants on the runway, because I think they are really versatile, slimming and most importantly, very easy to manage and move around in. It also leaves less space for the wind to bite at your knees at cold winter weddings.

1 Rejoice, for florals are not going anywhere! Rejoice, also because the age of the printed florals is finally coming to an end. More of an eyesore than a style statement, printed florals were really starting to get to me and in fact, I was completely against anything remotely resembling a flower for some time. However, one look at these beautifully embroidered pieces and I was in love. Combining the Indian woman’s love for florals and Indian craftsmanship in threadwork was a genius move, one that will benefit everyone. Most of all, my poor eyes.

All in all, Manish Malhotra and Anamika Khanna really pulled it out of the bag, while Rahul Mishra showcased highly skilled worksmanship in his delicately crafted, yet very wearable pieces. Anita Dongre stood out remarkably for her epic styling, going experimental and edgy in a sea of sleek buns and golden lids. Tarun Tahiliani was another favourite this season, especially because I normally tend to disconnect with his blingy, extravagant pieces but those Chikankari pieces truly stole my heart!

Gaurav Gupta, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, Anita Dongre and Varun Bahl will be personally showcasing their latest collections at the Vogue Wedding Show at the Taj Palace Hotel New Delhi, from 5th-7th August. You can also check out many more designers and jewellers under the same roof and all you need to do is register for your exclusive pass here

So what did you think? Any trend that you loved or did not love at all? A favourite collection maybe? Do let me know, because I’d love to discuss it with you (and my friends literally cannot handle one more conversation on how dreaaaaammmmyyy Anamika Khanna’s latest collection was. For real).

Love you too! ♥

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