Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards 2016 : (Please) Nominate Me !



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So turns out, today is the deadline for nominating bloggers for this year’s edition of Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards India, and I just found out.

I’ve been here just for five months, but this platform, this labour of love, has completely changed my life. If  you’ve enjoyed even a sentence of what I’ve written, or if any advice I’ve shared has helped you solve a problem, then every moment that has gone into making this blog is worth it for me.

So now, all I ask of you, is this:

1. Head to this page right here:

2. Type is in the “Best Fashion Blog” category. I would think that Weddings deserve their own category, but since we don’t have that right now, let’s make do with this, shall we? 

Indebted to you for this nomination, and ever so grateful to you for taking the time out to fill the form.

Love you too ♥

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Prerna is a wedding blogger and bridal stylist, who blogs as thetrougirl. A die-hard romantic, she loves weddings, bad puns and Bollywood. And weddings.

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