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If you’re sick of all the gendas (marigolds) and gotas at every wedding you attend, then look back to your childhood for some inspiration. Less “crafts project”, and more chic glamour, Glitter has now become the go-to decor trend for all those couples looking to dazzle and sparkle on their big day.

Today, the applications of the stardust are so many, and so classy. The best part is, you can take just one idea if you’re the subtle kind, or go a little glitter-crazy if extravagance is your thing. There is of course a high risk of going overboard and ending up with a Bappi Lahri effect, but that’s why you’ve got me to guide you through some understated and unique #glittergoals.

DIY tip :  Most of these ideas can easily be created yourself, so all you DIY brides, take note! After sticking glitter on with glue, allow it dry completely. Now you can make your creation fallout – proof by using spraying hairspray all over and shaking off any excess. 

5Let’s start with an understated idea. If you’ve chosen a pastel palette for the decor, this could be a great way to break the monotony and add that burst without using colour. Share the idea with your wedding designer or DIY by picking up small curios and coating them in glitter. Don’t forget to follow my fallout-proof tip to prevent shiny fingers all over your food!

glitter - mainYes, balloons and glitter – it almost sounds like your tenth birthday party, but believe me this is far from that. Crystal clear balloons with large sequins or fairy dust can do the trick, but you may also like these patterned glitter balloons and these ones of the metallic kind.

4Two words : Sequins and Elegance. Whether it is for high round tables or long 18-seaters, sequinned tablecloths are the perfect accessory for your grand reception dinner. Amp it up by adding in satin ribbons around the edges or cute signs around the seating.
1Easy elegance, that’s what this is all about. Flowers, water, glitter and mason jars are all you need…actually, even small cola bottles would do the trick. Bright pinks are the perfect palette to offset the gold of the glitter. While there are a few different ways you can combine flowers and glitter, my favourite is the one on in the rightmost section, above.
3You’re totally feeling the sparkly vibe but nobody else gets it? Use the opportunity to dazzle them with your own shine! Of course, everyone knows Sabyasachi is the ultimate maestro of bridal couture (also of vintage, understated elegance, but more on that later), but you can also look at Astha Narang for a fun sangeet lehenga, or even peek across the border at Faraz Manan for your Bridesmaid Brigade.
6Ok fine, no sequinned lehengas? Then the next best alternative would obviously be glittering pumps and bags. There is obviously the bridal favourite Jimmy Choo, but did you know that most footwear designers have shiny shoes? If comfort is as important as style, then you mustttt check out Kate Spade’s Glitter Sneakers (!!!) to wear under your 5 kg lehenga. Just promise me this – you will NOT pair glitter with glitter. There is no way I would be on board with that. In fact, if you’re the bride, then remember to ditch the bag altogether.
2Now how unique is that?! Yes, edible glitter is a thing. No, it isn’t yummy (its tasteless actually). And yes, it’s very very very pretty. Use it in your reception cake or at the dessert bar. I haven’t actually come across a savoury dish with glitter but I did love the glitter macarons I tried!

8Ok, so you decided that you just want nothing to do with glitter on your big day, but how about a little sparkly invite for your guests? Go with an embossed style, matte glitter or even a smattering of sequins all over your stationery – its one of the many ways you can spread the magic.

And with that, I hope you take away several bright and sparkly ideas for your big day. If you have any questions about the colour palette or vendors to execute these ideas, shoot me a mail at and I’ll be sure to get back to you asap.

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Love you too ♥

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