5 Wedding Apps The Millennial Bride Needs Right Now!

Ok, you’re finally engaged. CONGRATS!

But if you thought finding Prince Charming was the difficult part, folklore has it that putting together the perfect wedding is going to be your toughest task yet. You have heard enough of those bridezilla horror stories and you really don’t want to be her. Plus, we all know how horrible those stress-zits are…

But you have something that generations before you didn’t – a smartphone. And I know it’s hard to believe, but your phone is going to be the most productive tool you will have access to in the precious days leading up to D-Day. Why, you say? Well, because you have the ultimate wedding apps, obviously! So here goes, in no particular order…

  1. To co-ordinate invitations and manage guest lists: Download Wedtalk
    What’s so great about it?  Wouldn’t you love to know exactly how many guests both sides are inviting? And what about those guests who live out of a suitcase and never check their personal mail? This app solves these problems by allowing you to create your own Wedding Portal where you can track RSVPs and guest lists, amongst other things. You can also use the app as a platform for allowing your guests to upload pictures which is SO useful when your distant uncle’s cousin sister’s daughter’s son is the only one who managed to get that beautiful picture of you and your mom the night before the wedding.
  2. To get fitter and healthier for the big day: Download Seven
    What’s so great about it? You can make excuses all you want, but you can’t deny that 7 minutes can be spared everyday to fit in a short, intense workout. If you want, you can even fit in several 7 minute sets during the day! The exercises are easy to follow, need no equipment and did I mention that it takes only 7 minutes? You’re beautiful exactly the way you are, but if you do have any fitness goals to achieve, this app is a great way to get started. Do also remember to drink lots and lots and lots of water to make sure your skin glows like the smiles in that Happydent ad.


  3. To get inspired for your wedding outfits, decor, honeymoon locations & more: Download Pinterest
    What’s so great about it? This one is really a no-brainer. You could have some ideas in your head about how you should look, how the wedding should look and everything else in between, but even the best ideas need to evolve from something basic to something spectacular. And for this very purpose, you must spend hours browsing the several hundred wedding boards. Share with your friends and family, get inspired and get organised. To start with, you can follow The Trousseau’s pinterest board (If you aren’t following it already!!!)


  4. To decide your make up looks for the several functions lined up: Download Lakme Make Up Pro
    What’s so great about it?  Seriously ladies, this is the future. Want to know how you’d look in that lipstick but too grossed out to try it on in the store? Want to know if cat eyes work better that the regular eyeliner look you sport? Want to know whether that eyeshadow colour really goes with a red lipstick?If you’ve ever wondered about this and more, you mustttt get this app right away. Use it in the live mode or upload a clean face selfie to get started. Use your face as a canvas and just get clicking to experiment with the full range of Lakme goodies. Once I was done, I couldn’t believe that I really did not have any make up on. And I definitely knew that Lakme’s shades of brown lipstick are NOT for me. A word of caution: use the app in appropriate lighting for the appropriate look. If you are figuring out an outdoor-day-mehendi look, then by all means use it in natural sunlight like I did. If it’s a night function in dim yellow light, then you know what to do.

    Before // After
    Before // After. Going barefaced on social media has got to be the bravest thing I’ve ever done! 😂
  5. To find the perfect vendor who fits perfectly into your budget:  Download WedMeGood
    What’s so great about it? EVERYTHING. I saved my favourite for the last, really. India’s leading wedding planning website is now on your phone, so that you don’t need to spend hours on your laptop browsing that non-exhaustive list of wedding vendors . Because you’re going to now be spending those hours on your phone!Apart from all the amazing information that’s always available on the website, the app also offers the added functionality of shortlisting  vendors and contacting them directly through the app. Also, the user interface is sooo smooth, I may have forgotten to put away my phone last night, and that may explain the extreme puffiness under my eyes in the pictures above.WedMeGood
    All apps are available on both iOS and Android. If you’re on Windows, well, uh, ok, at least you can visit this amazing blog and know what you’re missing out on!

    Love you too ♥

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