Trousseau Must – Have: Navratna Jewellery And All You Need To Know About It

The year 2015 saw Mira Rajput emerge from the shadows to single-handedly, (a) break the hearts of 500 million women around the world, and (b) bring back Navratna Jewellery by pairing it with her pastel Anamika Khanna for her reception. And today, I’ve decided to answer all those questions you had about this new jewellery trend but were too lazy to google.

What is the deal with this whole 9 stone thing? 
Navratan/Navratna jewellery (which literally translates into the jewellery of 9 gemstones) has been regarded for centuries as having special properties, said to prevent the wearer from harm and the evil eye. Popular misconception equates the stones to the nine planets, but in reality, one represents the sun (Ruby), and three represent different positions of the moon (Pearl, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye). The rest, however, are representative of planets where Red Coral represents Mars, Emerald represents Mercuryy, Yellow Sapphire represents Mercury, Diamond represents Venus and Blue Sapphire represents Saturn.

So what are the do’s and don’ts around Navratna Jewellery? 
If you’re a believer, then look for stones with no flaws and marks. Also make sure that the setting has the ruby in the centre (the sun is always in the middle, right?), and the other stones are set around it in the “navagraha” position.

Does this mean I should pick superstitions over looking good? 
If you’re like me, and have total disregard for any property except that which makes the wearer look stunning, rejoice – for the trend is here to stay. Especially if you’re sick of those huge polki sets the size of your face staring you in the face and are looking for alternatives.

But if superstition is a really big deal for you, or you’re on the fence about the whole thing, opt for costume jewellery with coloured stones. Yes, this is what a win-win situation looks like. 

And how do I style the jewellery with my festive outfits? 
You can go two ways with this trend, but just remember to stick to the monotone rule either way.

One, you could pick up on the dominant shades, like orange/red, and pair it with an outfit from that family of colours. Something like this Surendri by Yogesh Lehenga.

Style it the Navratan way

Alternately, you could opt for something in a neutral colour, like the organza cream and gold saree by Rahul Mishra. I honestly prefer this combination far more than the previous one because it lets the Navratna jewellery be the highlight of your look.

I’m not convinced…
Well, you will be after going through my top picks from Pinterest.

Ok, I’m sold. For how many years must I save before I buy a Navratan classic?
Seriously, maybe if you skipped all meals for the next 6 years, you may have enough for a ring…

…Or, you could take a look at some not-so-antique, not-so-precious options. Because I love my readers so much, I’ve provided some amazing pieces you can pick up without burning a hole in your pocket.  You can pick these up at, one of my absolute favourites when it comes to buying jewellery online. You’re welcome.


So which one of these are you ordering today? And in case you’re wondering, here is where Mira Rajput Kapoor got her jewels from. And if there are any questions that weren’t answered, drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you sooooon. 

Love you too ♥

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