Trou-Sister of The Bride Nayanika : #Akshitched

Earlier this year, my best friend’s snapstory was filled with gorgeous pictures from a gorgeous wedding of a gorgeous couple. Big deal. Who’s jealous? Me? Never. But, well, I was kind of intrigued, and I knew I needed to do something about it. And that’s how I got in touch with Nayanika, the… Read More

The Mykonos Bachelorette : Where To Stay, Eat, Drink, and Shop

Last year when I was studying in London, I was really excited to tick off my travel bucket list, and I got pretty lucky with most of it. But I was still really bummed to not be able to make it to Greece which has been right at the top for very… Read More

Trou-Bride Ann : From Schoolmates To Soulmates

I’ve known Ann for a while now, and she is as talented as she’s beautiful. You may know her as the fashion entrepreneur with a heart, who founded Anneha – a line of ethnic wear inspired by Keralite traditions that also empowers economically underprivileged women. Yeah, I’m as much in awe of her… Read More