Palm Cuffs, The New Hathphools

The Hathphool, every woman’s favourite hand accessory, has competition from its edgy and modern cousin.

Allow me to introduce the latest accessory trend that will soon be taking over your lives (wardrobes? trousseaus? wallets?)

Ladies, palm cuffs. Palm cuffs, ladies.

Modelled on the concept of a ring, this accessory is meant to be worn across the palm (duh). What I like best about palm cuffs versus hathphools is that, since the cuffs are adjustable there is no issue of “fit”. All women who have worn hathphools know what a hassle it can be because sometimes your hand is too long for it, and sometimes not long enough. They also come in  a bunch of different styles.

I’d recommend not wearing any other accessories on the hand and wrist, and let the cuff be the centre of attention. Also make sure that you pair it with a fairly simple outfit to let it stand out and be the conversation starter you need it to be.

I’ve provided below some of my favourite pieces. You can click through on any link to buy it online. (I’ve listed the prices as they were when I last checked, but as is always the case, they are subject to change).

Suhani Pittie // Floral Palm Cuff // Rs. 5,500

Ra Abta by Rahul Ra abta by Rahul (via Pernia’s Pop Up Shop) //  Pearl Hanging Floral Hand Cuff // Rs. 5,500

Tribe by Amrapali

Tribe by Amrapali // Chakra Hand Cuff // Rs. 5,000

IsharyaIsharya // Disco Mirror Palm Cuff // Rs. 4,680

Gold DiggerGold Digger (via Koovs) // Embellished Palm Cuff // Rs. 1,099

You love them right? I knew it!

Do let me know which one is your favourite? Type it in the comments below or send me a mail at

(I might be a little biased towards the Tribe by Amrapali one.)

Love you too ♥

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