Dark Florals : Reuse Sarees From Your Trousseau / Part 1

Very few people know this about me, but the Saree/Sari is one of my favourite pieces of Indian clothing. No, you’re not the only one who is shocked when they find out.

I started out like a lot of us girls out there, hating on this huge swath of cloth which was all too cumbersome to wear and even more cumbersome to walk in. Fast forward to three years in undergrad, where I was required to be in a saree every other month. Nearly twenty sarees later, of course I was a fan.

And while South Indians are just culturally more inclined to embrace sarees during their 20s-30s, North Indians are less in favour of the saree. Which is completely fine, of course, if it weren’t for the phenomenon, without which this blog wouldn’t exist btw, called, the Trousseau. Yes, that very trousseau which mothers-of-the-brides ensure, has at least a dozen sarees. Sure, with traditional textiles being the new “cool”, there is a shift in perception, but I’d still say that the saree is still the poor village bumpkin next to the globetrotting lehenga and the urban anarkali. Wouldn’t it be great to actually put some of those trousseau sarees to use? But, how, you ask.

Enter, me, your most favourite person ever. In my latest series, I have decided to decode, recreate, and restyle some exciting looks with our friend, the saree, at the centre of attention. All of the sarees I have used, belong to either my  grandmother or my mother’s trousseau, which also goes to show how versatile and timeless the damn garment is.

And thus, the saree ode(ssy) begins.

3There are a few fashion myths that annoy me to no end, and in no particular order, they are:
(a) Black can’t be worn in the day
(b) Sarees tied in experimental styles don’t look classy
(c) Western cuts and silhouettes have no place in Indian fashion.

All I want to say is: (d) None of the above.

I’m hardly a rebel, but when it comes to fashion I do love breaking rules from time to time. So I was really excited about creating a look that defied all these conventions, and then some more.

This floral chiffon saree is my grandmother’s and one that I absolutely adore. Chiffons are perfect for hot summer days, when you need to dress it up yet make sure you don’t melt. It was just what I needed to make this look happen. With this, I paired an off-shoulder crop top, which added an elegance that this outfit needed. The twist?

We skipped the skirt/petticoat, and opted for a stunning, flared, lace bottom palazzo instead. It is ridiculously easy to achieve a half-and-half look with the palazzo, by pleating the saree only from the middle of the palazzo pants and taking the rest over your shoulder. That’s it, really!

I kept the make-up nude, with a generous amount of primer and highlighter, and went with a half-chignon for the hair. I really didn’t have to do much in that department, because my model Tara is SUCH a stunner.  For the jewellery, I decided to add some statement pieces. The pearls offset the black really well, the big earrings highlighted the bare shoulders, the ring was fun yet sophisticated – it all just worked, don’t you think?

And that’s how simple it was to bring break some rules and still come out on top. When you recreate this look though, there is one important bit you must remember. The palazzo must have some strong texture or detailing on it, to stand out against the saree instead of blending into the background. The one sure fire way to ruin this look is by opting for the plainest of plain palazzos and a stiff saree. Nope. Not happening. It will only look incomplete. At the same time, don’t go crazy by trying to mix prints – it will end up adding chaos where it isn’t required.

But you know what? Who am I to tell you what you can and can’t do? Go ahead, be a little rebellious, and let me know how that turns out for you! I’ll be waiting to hear all about your saree experiment – and I sincerely hope you won’t be sorry!

Hashtag your looks on Instagram with #trousaree and #troustyle so that I can see how you fared, and share your success with the rest of my Instagram family!

Love you too ♥

{The biggest thank you to the best team for making this happen – Tara Ramanujam : Model // Shruti Biswajit : Hair and Make Up // Ambika Narayanan : Photography // Ananya Agarwalla : Styling Assistant}

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