Pink Sunshine : Reuse Sarees From Your Trousseau / Part 2

Before I say anything else, I need to say thank you. Thank you for the amazing response for the first post (here, ICYMI) in the Saree Series. It has been overwhelming to receive so much love and appreciation, and I can only hope that you’ll love the other two looks I have worked on.


I decided to title the second look, Pink Sunshine, because my model Tara literally glowed like the sun when she was shooting this. I was going for a girly, fun, romantic feel and that’s exactly how I felt when I saw the final result.

The inspiration behind this one is OBVIOUSLY fashionista number 1, Sonam Kapoor who made us feel like mere mortals when she donned the double palla sarees by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. But I also want to add, that I’ve been in love with the bengali saree drape for a long, long time (fine, since I saw Kasautii Zindagi Ki as a kid. I know you did too.)
So I see this look as an amalgamation of the two. While Sonam’s was really long and flowy, and had the palla doubling up as a train, I tried to keep the sarees more manageable, which gave it a drape-y vibe.

The trick is to use materials which are thin so they don’t add volume, and will also fall well when you drape it. And if you remember how much I love chiffons, you’ll understand that I now had the perfect excuse to use them for another look. Both sarees belonged to Tara’s grandmom and are over 50 years old. For real. So I was actually really nervous while working with them but we got through with a single nick or tear. Honestly though, I think you can also use georgette, net and chantilly lace. If you go for net and/or lace, it would be nice to pair it with a plainer saree so the textures really stand out.

To achieve the drape, tie the first saree as you always do, with the pleats in the middle etc, but don’t take the palla on top just yet. This is where the second saree comes in. Tuck it in where the pleats of the first saree end, and take the rest on top like a regular palla. And NOW, you can take the remaining bit of the first saree to create the second palla which you can take over the shoulder as seen here, across your neck or over your arm. Experiment away! Also also also – keep the drape at the back super low if you have a statement blouse like my girl Sonie K.

Because the drapes were complicated and I was doing print on print, I decided to keep everything else really straightforward. Shruti gave Tara a super fun braided hairdo, with two different kinds of braids on either side, and went for the “blushing bride” kind of make up. A special mention for my absolutely favourite Benefit Bene Tint that helped us achieve this look.  A minimal gold hathphool, armlet and filigree earrings paired with simple gold kolhapuris brought it all together. And finally, the icing on the cake – a bindi.

Firstly, I don’t get why people (myself included), leave out this one simple accessory that can just transform your look, and remember it only when the Jenners head to Coachella. Secondly, bengali women look like actual goddesses with their bindis and a look inspired by them couldn’t do without a bindi.

And with that, I would like to bring this to a close. Ambika has done the most amazing job with the pictures, and I can’t stop looking at these happy smiling pictures of Tara, what about you?

Do tell me if you’d actually try this or is it a look best left to the editorials? If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate for even a second and shoot me a mail on .

Hashtag your looks on Instagram with #trousaree and #troustyle so that I can see how you fared, and share your success with the rest of my Instagram family!

Love you too ♥

{The biggest thank you to the best team for making this happen – Tara Ramanujam : Model // Shruti Biswajit : Hair and Make Up // Ambika Narayanan : Photography // Ananya Agarwalla : Styling Assistant}

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