The Bride’s Guide To #AIFWAW16 : Day 1

It’s finally that time of the year.

Over the next 20 days, the fashion capitals of the country will host their respective fashion soireés. And while your favourite bridal blogger couldn’t be there in person, you will be getting all the updates, right here, right now.

Day 2 of Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’16 is already under way as I write this (seriously though, how does time fly by so fast?!), and so far, the designers are staying true to this year’s theme, #IndiaModern.

For now though, here is a quick introduction to the latest collections, and a round up of my top looks from Day 1.

(Look out for the white heart on pieces I absolutely adored, couldn’t get enough of and would pick out as trousseau must-haves.)

1Fun, wearable pieces is how I’d describe this collection. Inspired by tropical wildlife, this collection was quirky, whimsical and bohemian in parts. Please don’t miss the insects on the stage!! While I’m a huge fan of prints (I’m almost always in them!), I far preferred the black pieces in this collection. The motifs really did it for me, you guys! Playing with sheer and applique embroidery, Varun Bahl created what I would like to call a structured, bohemian vibe.
I swear, if I didn’t live in the melting pot that is Chennai, I would be wearing that embellished bomber jacket as I type this.
Ideal for: The honeymoon

2Ok, so I need to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of this collection, but only because it doesn’t play to my aesthetics. I’m of the strong opinion that less is more and traditional is trendy, but this is far too simple for my taste. The styling too, gives off a strange bondage-y(!) feeling – is it just me or do you feel that too?
Having said that, I do see the appeal of this collection to those who are more inclined towards playing down the bling factor at weddings. And I think this collection is just perfect for those women who would really really really love to turn up in their Fab India kurtas at weddings, but can’t get past their moms in that outfit.
Ideal for: Pre-wedding dinners, meeting the in-laws / gifting to the in-laws

4You know, if you’re one of those brides who’s going for an end-to-end vintage theme, this collection is for you. I LOVE the retro glam theme going on, and think it is so appropriate for winters. There were several versatile pieces like that quilted jacket and sexy skirts, which could easily blend into your wardrobe even if you aren’t a big fan of the 70s. Apart from my favourite looks here, the collection consisted of a bunch of feminine pant suits for those who really want to add a dash of power dressing to their wardrobe. The jewellery by Nitya Arora // Valliyan was delish, and added that extra spunk to the entire show. The only thing I had a gripe with was the (faux?) fur – not a fan at all.
Ideal for: The youngsters’ party, a winter honeymoon or a date with your beau

3Powerful yet flirty. Dreamy yet real. Romantic yet structured. Enough said.
Shantanu and Nikhil have shown us with this collection that if the Bride has forgotten them, then she’d do best to jog her memory because these beautiful, beautiful pieces are going to be top of every Bride’s lust-list. Like, especially that red gown with pockets – I needn’t even convince you to not carry a bag!
Ideal for: A white wedding, dreamy sangeet or understated cocktail

5The name says it all. Working with undertones of silver and billowy, flowy fabrics, Kiran Uttam Ghosh has made a strong case for keeping it light this winter. Not sure if I’d be alive if I wore these to a December wedding in the cold, but hey, gotta make sacrifices for fashion. This whimsical collection’s standout pieces were in white and grey, signalling the move towards lighter colour this year. I’m a big big fan of all the throws and jackets she incorporated because it makes the collection more versatile and for your trousseau that’s got to be a #1 priority. Don’t miss the super dramatic eyes – that’s another trend you need to watch out for!
Ideal for: A subtle mehendi look for the bridesmaid

6 I must let you in on a secret : I’ve never quite got Gaurav Gupta. Not sure if it’s the shift in trend to draped styles or just the fact that he knows how to dress a woman, but this man’s super sexy style has definitely grown on me. And I couldn’t deal with how amazing every single look was. I don’t know how he managed to pull off something so fluid yet so true to the structured, sheer, embellished silhouette that he’s become known for. That white draped saree belongs to me, on me, for me…you get the drift. I must also share, his vision for the show was inspired by climate change, and every look generated minimum wastage. Don’t know about you, but I definitely melted.
Ideal for:  Everyday, everything. Jk, jk. Cocktails, receptions and dinners.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this round up – look out for more more more in the next few days!

Love you too ♥

(Image Courtesy: Ahuja)

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