The Bride’s Guide To Lakme Fashion Week S/R ’16 : Day 2

Day 2 of fashion was titled “Indian Textile Day”, a sign of the increasing emphasis on getting back to our roots and reviving the forgotten.

So you’d expect several outfits fit for a bridal trousseau right? Wrong!

Because the focus may have been on Indian textiles, but the collections were more reflective of the India they were representing – steeped in tradition but with heavy international influences.

That’s (hopefully) the most philosophical it will ever get on this page! 
5Apart from the ones I’ve spoken about today, I LOVED Sneha Arora’s Wildness-inspired collection, and Wendell Rodricks’ colour-blocked installation. They didn’t quite make it to my trousseau picks, but there are enough pieces in there for you to go take a look at.

However, I was pretty underwhelmed with most of everything else that Day 2 had to offer. Palettes and patterns started feeling repetitive, and several designers couldn’t (IMHO) live up to the amazing stuff they’ve shared with us over the past few seasons. While there will still be A-listers eager to grab a lot of these pieces, not sure if I’d recommend many of them to my brides.

And with that, let’s get right to it.
1This collection is inspired by traditional silhouettes like abayas and pajamas, and uses techniques like appliques, patchwork and shibori. To start with, the colour palette was a real winner. Very summer, with very cool combinations – that red and powder blue, hello?!
Fun and super wearable, this one is going to be a trousseau must have for all the brides all out there.
Ideal for: That not-so crazy, relaxed bachelorette (yes they do exist!)2I’ve been following the duo for a while because their sarees are beautiful, and they’ve been doing benarasi work way before it became the ‘it’ fabric. So forgive me, if I was slightly disappointed with this collection. But this is the real deal if you’re looking for a benarasi saree, which is a trousseau no-brainer, and that’s the only reason it made it to this list. Just not feeling those tissue(?) blouses though.
Ideal for: post-wedding formal occasions 
3 Really casual and really relaxed is how I’m going to describe this collection. This rustic Jamdani collection in deep blues and florals screamed summer, and is something I’m really gravitating to atm. Sure, I don’t recommend that brides wear any of this during the wedding days, but it would be a cool addition to the family members’ wardrobe.
Ideal for: The numerous poojas the Bride’s (and Groom’s) sister is bound to attend 
swati vijaivargieEasily one of the most awaited shows of the day, but I can’t help feeling a little let down. With Calico, Gaurang Shah attempted interesting western styles, no doubt catering to the modern Indian bride who wants to wear at least one gown during her wedding festivities. And while I have no problem with these gowns (I quite like these, actually!), I am confused by sarees that were showcased in the same collection. I also cannot get on board with the flouncy sleeves Gaurang used so heavily,  but maybe that’s just me. All in all, still a great collection from this genius, but definitely delivered below expectations.
Ideal for: An early evening/noon reception

I just realised that my trademark ♥s , which represent trousseau-must haves, are missing from today’s post. Yeah well, from what I’ve seen so far Day 3 has PLENTY to love, so wait for my next post will you?

Love you too ♥

 {Image courtesy: Sagar Ahuja for Vogue India}

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