The Bride’s Guide To Lakme Fashion Week S/R : Day 3

Did I say Day 2 was underwhelming and Day 3 was da bomb? You bet I did, and obviously I was  am so right.

And if Day 2 was Indian Textile Day then Day 3 was definitely Indian Bridal Day. I absolutely loved every single bridal collection that came down the runway, and was so pleased to see the summer-focused designs.
7 From the ones that I didn’t get down to covering today, Verandah, Dhruv Kapoor and Nikhil Thampi were my absolute favourites. Verandah and Dhruv Kapoor’s resort vibe, although so different, was still so alike in one aspect : it made me wish I was on holiday, and that’s exactly what a great Summer/Resort collection should do. Especially loved the impeccable styling by none other than Santu Misra for Verandah. Dhruv Kapoor’s slim Obi belts are on my have-to-have list. Nikhil Thampi belonged on a planet of his own, (you know, the one where geniuses live), last night. He partnered with Lakme to create an “Illuminate and Shine” collection with three parts to it. Clean cuts and slick styling elevated the show ; this was definitely one for the books.

And now, on to the collections that are top contenders for the bride’s attention this wedding season. 4This collection, as the name suggests, has heavy Moroccan influences, with a motif that I predict is going to be the next big thing. It actually kind of is already, but you need to look past your florals to see that. Sva is a great alternative for brides who do not want monotone lehengas that are covered in heavy embroidery. “Maroc En Mahal” was a collection with an interesting colour palette, which is bound to increase its appeal to brides this summer. I for one, can’t get over that kurta and dhoti look, one I far prefer to the billowy cape and dhoti combinations.
Ideal for: Your sister’s sangeet
1The fact that florals are the most seen style at ANY Indian wedding today, is testimony to her meteoric rise to fame. And I was really curious to see how she would stay true to her aesthetics without resorting to the done to death style. Needless to say, I was worried for nothing. Anushree clearly knows what she’s doing, and knows exactly what her brides want – cold shoulders, pastels and feminine silhouettes. This elegant and super light collection is something I see in every bride’s trousseau very soon.
Ideal for: The NRI summer bride
Before I say anything else, I need to say this. I LOVE POCKETS IN INDIAN CLOTHES. It’s like a little surprise, when you can not be carrying a bag and yet have your lipstick, phone and keys on you, IYKWIM. You know what else I love? Pom frikkin poms. And you see what Vrisa did there? They actually took every single thing I love, including prints, and combined it in this fun yet rustic collection. Need to have at least the dupattas, if nothing else. Right now.
Ideal for: Pre-wedding functions at home

3This Hyderabad-based designer’s first outing at Lakme Fashion Week was nothing short of fantastic. I’ve been following her on Instagram and elsewhere for a while now and had no doubts about her collection. And still, she managed to surprise with an extensive variety of cuts, styles and silhouettes. My favourite, as you can see, is that cape and saree look, which is going to be another major wedding trend this season. Yep, you read it here first.
Ideal for: all the Bhabhis in the house who want to experiment but need to stay traditional, because y’know, life
6She named this collection “Sitara”, but she is THE star, so forgive me if I’m a little confused here. But jokes apart, this collection was trademark Payal Singhal – unique floral prints and clean cutss. I also really liked that she kept the palette so cold and grey, something that is so unexpected for summer looks. There just aren’t enough people who take risks with colours, but I’m glad she is someone who does.
Ideal for: Every beach wedding this summer
5If messages of love look like this, then I hope the messages never stop. Seriously though, is this a sign from the Universe telling us to love more, love often and love freely? Because that’s all I feel when I look at this collection. While I did somehow manage to narrow it down to my top picks and create pin-ups of the lehengas on my wall, the standout pieces for me in this collection were actually the handful of all-white men’s looks that she put together. A groom and a love note? Yes, I’ll have one of each please.
Ideal for: The coordinated Bridesmaid Brigade

Wow, that was one hell of a day and it so made up for Day 2. Do you agree? Tell me in the comments below, or on Facebook, or on Instagram or…you get the point. Just tell me.

Love you too ♥

{Images via // Sagar Ahuja}

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