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When it comes to weddings, we really just want to look our best. But we have so many questions!

Some outrageous ones…
“Where can I get a custom made leather lehenga?”

Some not-so-outrageous ones…
“Where can I pick up my favourite shade of NARS lipsticks in India?”
No, the Indian Sephora doesn’t carry NARS. 

Some dangerous ones…
“Can you please give me an honest opinion of how I look in these dhoti pants?”

So what if I told you there was a secret portal that could help you with all these queries and more?

Well, you would have to believe me, because something like this really does exist.


Presenting, Wear Is The Discussion, India’s best kept fashion secret. Founded in December 2014 by Devika Bhargav, a stylist and author, Wear Is the Discussion (better known as WITD), is an invite-only secret Facebook group where members can discuss anything fashion.

I’m yet to come across a query that has gone unanswered, be it reviews for a newly launched e-commerce website or redressal for condescending treatment by a PR company at a top designer’s fashion show. You can upload your favourite selfie and ask for the members’ opinions or you can ask around for tailor recommendations. Need a make-up artist on short notice? Ask. Need someone to repair your broken heels? Ask.

The numbers speak for themselves – 26000+ members and counting, WITD has grown organically and through word of mouth. Devika is largely responsible for this success, carefully moderating all discussions for mean comments, pointless posts and spam, but at the same time encouraging healthy debate on all things fashion. WITD is truly a judgement-free zone, and that’s my favourite part about it.

Yet, Devika and her team are not ones to rest on their laurels. For the past few months, they’ve been working on, the bigger and better version of the Facebook group.

In true WITD style, the launch details are top-secret, but if the teasers on the website are anything to go by, there is something for everyone. Literally. Just click on the link, and check it out for yourself.

While Wear is the Discussion covers the entire spectrum of fashion, there are other groups on Facebook where you can find a more niche discussion platform. These aren’t secret groups, so anyone can join them, pending admin approval.

To join WITD shoot me a mail on, and I’ll be happy to add you to the group. Do also follow them on Instagram, @wearisthediscussion! And while you’re at it, do remember to follow your favourite wedding account, – even Miss Malini stopped by to say hi!

{P.S: For all the wedding enthusiasts reading this, make sure you join the Wedtalk Facebook group to connect directly with vendors. I find it really useful , especially for sourcing invites, wedding favour ideas and finding upcoming photographers.}

Love you too ♥

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Prerna is a wedding blogger and bridal stylist, who blogs as thetrougirl. A die-hard romantic, she loves weddings, bad puns and Bollywood. And weddings.

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