What I loved about the Vogue Wedding Show 2016

I can’t believe it’s been just one week since I attended the Vogue Wedding Show – it somehow feels like centuries have passed by since. Maybe that’s because my images took years to sync with my laptop, thereby considerably delaying this post. Ugh. Sorry about that.


But what I’m not sorry about, are the 11 hours I spent last weekend roaming the halls of Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. To some of you that may seem like that biggest waste of time everrrr but for me, it was like walking in to heaven. A heaven that is filled with the reds, pinks, golds, emeralds, diamonds and flowers of your dreams. And judging by the crowds of brides + bridal entourages thronging these same halls, I was not the only one who felt this way.

So was the show worth all the hype? Yes, yes and yes! It isn’t for nothing that the Vogue Wedding Show has become the ultimate luxury shopping destination and sought-after bridal extravaganza. With not only the attendees being invite-only, but also the participants, this show guarantees exclusive access to brides that is hard to rival. As Sabyasachi rightly said once, instead of travelling across the country to meet designers and jewellers, you can come here and get all your shopping done under one roof. And so this sheer convenience is what I loved THE most about this 3 – day show. And with that, let me show you a little more of the heaven I was referring to earlier…

The Reds, Pinks, Golds (And Some More)

While Reds and Pinks continue to be reign as bridal favourites, this year sees the entry of Gold as a strong contender for the d-day. Metallica and shimmer will continue to be big, but embroidery is surely and steadily gaining ground. My F-A-V-O-U-R-I-T-E collections were Anita Dongre’s Epic Love couture collection and Payal Singhal’s sangeet ready lehengas.   For the grooms, I love love love the idea of florals as showcased by Varun Bahl, and of course, the classics by Shantanu Nikhil.

Anita Dongre



Payal Singhal


Gaurav Gupta




Misha Lakhani


Varun Bahl



Manish Malhotra


JADE by Monica and Karishma





Shantanu Nikhil


The Dazzling Diamonds and Eternal Emeralds

Jewellers from all over the country brought their absolute best for the show, and I was not disappointed. Name the cut, name the size, name the style – the diamond was there. The ruby was elusive, but the emerald was everywhere. I mean, you wouldn’t even think it’s a precious gemstone if you saw how everyone was thronging to the gorgeous green pieces. With contrast jewellery being the biggest jewellery trend of the year, it was to be expected. My favourite stall was Amrapali which showcased a mix of eclectic takes on classic styles as well as their latest line produced in collaboration with Anamika Khanna.


Bhirdichand Ghanshyamdas and Sons, Jaipur


Hey, that’s me!


Sunita Shekhawat, Jaipur

Hazoorilal Legacy, Delhi




House Of Surana, Jaipur

Rare Heritage Fine Jewels, Mumbai


The Gods Walked Amongst Us (Because They’re Actually Humans)

Umm, no, please don’t read into that too deep, it’s just a terrible joke. What I meant to say is – the Gods of design are so approachable, so normal. I was floored. Anita Dongre‘s humility and warmth touched me, and my respect for her has multiplied ten-fold. Manish Malhotra so graciously obliged me for a picture, and ended up looking way more photogenic than me. But my absolute highlight was that moment when Sabyasachi was walking right next to me, and I turned around and stammered about looking up to him as one of my biggest inspirations. He smiled and nodded. I stammered some more. It was awesome.

So I hope that gave you a small glimpse into my overwhelmingly amazing time last weekend. Of course, there’s so much more to share with you guys, like – hey, what did I learn at the Masterclass with Namrata Soni? For that, stay tuned to my Facebook Page because I will be talking about it very very very soon. Until then, drool over the pictures I’ve shared with you, and feel free to ask me any questions you have!

Love you too ♥

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