What I Think About Garnier’s Ultra Blends Range, And Why You Should Try it

Sometime last week, an adorable not-so-little box landed at my doorstep with goodies sweeter than the All Things Polo. If you’re following me on Snapchat (gprerna) you don’t get prizes for guessing.

Do you remember those Ultra Doux shampoos that were all the rage many many years back? Well, say hello to its reinvented and (much better!) avatar.

#BlendedWithLove and packaged with care, the new haircare range from Garnier is top of everyone’s list and rightly so. Paraben-free and made from natural extracts, this range is just for you if you’re looking to change it up and move to gentler products for your hair. (Also, can you please just LOOK at that pen drive?!)


Why is being paraben-free such a big deal? Because paraben is a harsh chemical used widely in cosmetics and skincare products to provide it a longer shelf life. As any harsh chemical is known to do, paraben too has been proven to cause hormonal imbalances, itching and overall damage to your scalp. Therefore, yes, it is a pretty big deal to have mainstream, inexpensive products which are moving towards gentler, safer ingredients. However, what most people might omit is that the Ultra Blends range is NOT sulfate free, which means it still has ingredients that are not the best for you, but you know what? You’re probably already using a shampoo that has both parabens and sulfates – so let’s take it one step at a time.


Coming to my experience with the Ultra Blends range. My hair is rough, dry, frizzy and curly. I have an oily scalp. And I have coloured my hair a few months back. Basically, it’s a nightmare. I somehow do manage to keep it in check in humid Chennai with the help of an efficient top bun and my favourite leave-in conditioner. And of course, alternate day washes.  My hair texture was therefore perfect for every variant in my sample box.

Wash 1 : The Royal Jelly and Lavender, the Anti-Hairfall Shampoo
Plagued with terrible hairfall since I coloured my hair, I had to try this one first. No jokes, this one reduced my hairfall by 70%, and not just on the day of the wash but until the next one. That hasn’t happened in years. It did however make my hair a little drier that usual.

Wash 2 : Henna and Blackberry, the Nourishing Shine shampoo
1First things first – this smelt amaaaaazing. Smell is my strongest sense and therefore it’s really important for me to have a good smelling shampoo. Knowing that it had lesser chemicals giving it that smell made me feel much better. And sure enough, after the wash, my hair shined bright like a diamond. It was amazing and glossy, albeit a little oily by the end of wash-day which was quite the bummer.

Wash 3 : Soy Milk and Almonds, the Intense Repair Shampoo
3This super healthy sounding shampoo is really great for damaged hair like mine. If you are a regular user of heat for your hair, you can bet your hair is super damaged and this is just what Dr. Trou prescribed. My hair felt greeeaaat after using this, no complaints at allll.

Wash 4 : 5 Precious Herbs, the Revitalizing Shampoo4 I am always on the lookout for a good shampoo for regular use, because sometimes (my hair and) I need a change. My criteria for this shampoo is that it needs to be gentle, not dry my hair out and obviously, smell good. And I think I’ve found the one that ticks all my boxes. Definitely a keeper. Yep.

So what’s the final verdict? A big thumbs up! The shampoos do exactly what they promise to, and not many can keep up that claim while being good for you. I plan to definitely keep using all of these shampoos, and will even hop down to Health and Glow to pick up the Mythic Olive Oil one which I’ve heard only great things about.

Which one will you be trying first? As always, I’m super keen to hear from you!

Love you too ♥

{This is NOT a sponsored post and all opinions expressed are completely unbiased}

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